*The first recipe book published in the United States of America.

The Virginia Housewife

Limited Art Edition of 1824 copies, each numbered and signed.
Facsimile book that reproduces the original published in 1824. 
Spectacular and exclusive binding with lectern-shaped opening.
More than 500 original recipes.

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We present a facsimile reproduction of the oldest cookbook in the United States of America.

Limited and numbered collection of only 1824 copies for the whole world, in homage to the year of its publication.

With a spectacular binding in simile leather, not only decorative but also practical, which also allows the book to be consulted in lectern format.

Mary Randolph’s recipe book, The Virginia Housewife, was published in 1824 and such was its success that it was reprinted twenty times before the outbreak of the Civil War.

More than 500 recipes filled its pages, from Southern dishes to European recipes such as gazpacho and polenta. It also published the first curry recipes in the United States.

Did you know?

In 1982 the famous American chef and cookbook writer James Beard praised Mary as a forward-thinking culinary genius and was particularly impressed by her skill in the use of tomatoes. At a time when they were rarely used, she offered recipes for tomato ketchup, tomato jam and soy.

And the famous Spanish chef based in America, José Andrés, uses, although it is a typically Spanish dish, Mary Randolph’s gazpacho recipe, serving it in several of his famous restaurants in the United States.

The recipe for the famous Mac & Cheese, whose invention is attributed to the former president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, were first published by Mary in her famous recipe book. But perhaps you didn’t know that Randolph was President Jefferson’s sister-in-law.

The shape of a lectern allows you to have the book open in your kitchen or in any space in your home, not only to decorate it, but also to cook the best recipes of the United States in the early 19th century.

Exclusive limited and numbered edition of 1824 copies


Old illustrations

We have added to the facsimile, old illustrations of vegetables, plants, mushrooms, fish, partridges, pheasants, types of potatoes…which decorate the inside of the book and allow you to have it open on a lectern, decorating your kitchen or any space in your home.